Sonika Johnson Happ Client

This picture is 1 week later of using. This is the first time my hair or edges hold due to my hair being curly. I love this product! It’s worth every penny spent

Bernice Yul Satisfy client

I love the edge control. I never knew this kind of product existed and I am deep into weave and lace fronts. I always thought you had to use gels that needed to dry in order to hold hair down. The pics were of my hair without a dryer and WITHOUT a perm. The only downside is that it turned kinda white when it finally dried. And I only used a fingertip amount on unprocessed unpermed hair! I bet it��d be just perfect on permed hair. Excellent buy!!!

Jessica Baron Happ Client

Listen, I've tried so many edge controls for my hair and my kids' hair, including Hollywood hair bars, ors, crème of nature, edge booster, and so on, but none of them come close to how well this edge control holds hair in place! It holds immediately and will last three days or more without flaking, sweating off, or dissolving. The trick is to apply this edge control first, then top with jojoba oil or any other type of hair oil (believe me, you will not be sorry;) I adore this product and will continue to use it for myself and my family. Thank you so much for developing this fantastic edge control.

Uriel.Bih Satisfy client

This edge control is ideal for my hair type. I've had no luck with the edge control gels/Pomades I've tried in the past. This one lasts all day and smells wonderful. I will most certainly purchase this again.

Villa.Willy Happ Client

This product works very well. It can cause some buildup just like any other product but it’s a great hold and so worth the price.

Mimi.M Satisfy client

This product is truly amazing when I say I tried plenty of popular edge control products and it never seem to work at all... at all but this .. This product right here had my edges layed for my entire over night shift I'm so happy.

Hana Happ Client

This product is completely amazing it holds my hair down and my hair never get held down. No edge control but it hold my hair down. For at less two day. I need another one

syvie W Satisfy client

Thought I’d give this a try to see if if helped with edge control. Yes it’s pretty good stuff for wigs and edged or slicking my hair back. The only downside is the way it makes hair feel caked and heavy. You really gotta wash it out the next day or it’s brittle.